Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"I am the son of the King concealed in a swan
offspring of deceit who speaks only the Truth
driver of the fire-spoked everlasting sun
whose rays limn the faces of all beardless youth

I am the avenger of the honor of mothers
my arrows rain down as plague-silver sleet
and yet---a gentle-light healing to others
the dreamer of futures that all men must meet

I am the tenth voice among the nine sisters
leader of Helicon's heavenly choral
poor Daphne ran when I once tried to kiss her
and hid her rare beauty inside of the laurel

I am the god who was once overpowered
by the sweet embrace of a young man I found
Each drop of his blood I formed into a flower
after the jealous west-wind struck him down

I am he who guided the hand of Paris
pierced the heel of Achilles, battle-crazed
in the war began by the words "to the fairest"
whose city-walls, with Posiedon, my labors once raised

I am the brother of the sister-moon mysterious
twin of the shadow who hunts in the fog
she, caught bathing, then grew so furious
that the voyeur was torn apart by his dogs

I am the lord of silver-words always prized
through time and memory, poem and song
remember me when light gets caught in your eyes
and sing this paen at the break of dawn.

I am Apollo."

Closeup preview of an art editorial and interview I did for Apollo Male Models magazine, August 09 issue. The phenomenal photographer who shot the references is Hotsnapz
the model is John May. The entire spread will be featured once it's released in print.


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