Saturday, September 4, 2010


Based on Robin, the sidekick of Batman. I wanted to do something a little more erotic and contemporary with this shot, suggestive of the relationship between the two heroes and invoking the mansion grounds of Bruce Wayne. Masked and unmasked versions.

Model: Nathan Lewis
Photog/Styling: Valerhon


  1. I've fallen in love with your work! These are just incredible. We need a new show, instead of 'Everyone loves Raymond', we need 'Everyone loves Nathan'!

  2. I too am overwhelmed with the beauty of your images - a model Robert Momenteller that worked with you -told me abut your site and said it is a MUST SEE .
    Your deep imagery is contemporary and unique

  3. Im your biggest fan... I luv ya and i luv your work. Blessings!

  4. This picture and pose of your model Nathan is truly beautiful and the expression of his face is enthralling -there's a magic about there paintings. I find myself losing myself and staring into another world.

  5. I never cared for Robin. Never made sense for there to be a Boy Blunder. And then all the homo references back in the day when I was a homophobe, well I really hated Robin. But now I appreciate the beauty of a well shaped man and find an idea of a Robin like this very very very appealing.